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Saskatraz and Carniolan Bee Package Delivery Update

Hi everyone,

Good news! We received confirmation that the bees will be ready for distribution on 4/23 and 4/24

We would like to schedule folks come in 15-minute intervals so that we can optimize the flow of traffic while distributing packages and products.  We would like for you to let us know your desired time for pick-up and then you will hear back from us.  We will do everything possible to accommodate time requests, but we may be requesting you to change your time. Please reply to this email or contact Karen 603-520-0089 for scheduling. 
Beginning Saturday April 23th time slots are offered between 2pm and 8pm
Beginning Sunday April 24th time slots are offered between 9am and 4pm
If these time slots do not accommodate your needs, please let us know, and will try to arrange a time for you.  Please remember, the bees do need to be installed in a timely manner.
If you are unable to pick-up your bees, please contact us to arrange an alternate plan.
Please let us know in advance if you are asking someone else to pick-up your bees.
When you placed your order, you should have received a receipt by email.  We do not anticipate problems, but to eliminate any confusion of what you have ordered, we request that you have the name of the person who placed the order and your order number(s), which appears at the very top of your receipt, it begins with AB. 
To ensure everyone’s safety when picking up your bees and supplies, one of us will bring your order out and place it next to your vehicle where you can then load it up and exit our facility, quick, and easy. Please order your supplies from us in advance by placing an order on our website, or by calling Karen 603-520-0089.

We recommend having your protective gear with you when picking up and transporting your bees.

If you ordered Nucs as well, update will be provided on them when we get closer to May.
Best regards,

Here is a video of Randy Oliver installing a package of bees.
A few tips:

I would recommend against using smoke, as Randy stated in the video, too much smoke and the bees will want to leave the hive.

Be very careful with spraying the bees with too much sugar syrup if it’s cold out. I don’t spray them at all if it’s cool, overcast and windy during the installation.

The queens are coming in California Mini Queen cages. In the video, you will see a black tube filled with candy in one end of the queen cage. This black tube with candy in it will be provided. It will be necessary for you to remove the cork and insert the candy tube into the hole. Pay close attention to where the queen is inside the cage when doing this taking care that she doesn’t escape and fly away.

If you don’t get to install the bees on the day that you get home with them, please be sure to feed them by either smearing some winter patty through the plastic bee bus in a location where the bees can access it, or periodically giving them a few light sprays of sugar syrup. The feed cans in the cages will sometimes be low on feed after their trip from California.

After installing your bees, be sure that they are in contact with their food. On newly installed package bees in the early spring, I like to use an inverted mason jar above the opening in the inner cover right above the bee cluster. Please make sure that the queen cage is not secured directly under the hole, so she doesn’t get drenched if sugar syrup leaks from the feeder. If it’s too cold and the bees can’t break cluster to access the feeder for a long period of time, a winter patty above them will provide them with some needed carbohydrates. I place a half of a pollen sub patty above them also upon installation to give them needed protein for raising their brood. This is especially helpful if they are confined to a cluster due to an extended period of cold weather.
Link:Winter Patty
Link:Pollen Substitute Patty
I like to coat the foundation with a light spray of sugar syrup with Honey-B Healthy before installation.

I use Amino-B (liquid protein) and Honey B Healthy in 1:1 syrup for spring feeding.
We have it in stock if you’d like to order some to pick up with your bees.

Hive Alive is another feeding supplement that we have in stock which is a great product that is used similarly to Honey-B-Healthy with some studies showing it's use promotes stronger healthier colonies. Links to additional info here.
Shop for:
Link:100ml Hive Alive Feeding Supplement

We have Mann Lake Pro Sweet liquid feed in stock if you don’t have time to mix your own feed.
Shop for:
Link:1 Gallon Pro Sweet
Link:5 Gallon Pro Sweet

Due to the high volume of visitors, we would encourage you to order any needed supplies in advance at so we can have them ready to go for you. However, if you think of something you need last minute, we will have the shop open to make purchases.

Before and after bee pick up weekend, we are open by appointment. Please give us a call if you need anything!

If you have any technical questions, please contact Jeff at 603-832-3438 in advance of pick up weekend.
If you have any order related questions or questions with regard to scheduling pick up, please contact Karen at 603-520-0089

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